Your all-in-one transactional email platform


Your all-in-one transactional email platform

SmartSender provides enterprise-level mailing service to large-scale marketers. Make your email marketing more effective with industry-leading deliverability through our platform. Know your audience and deliver right emails at the right time with SmartSender.

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Transactional emails: We know how it is important for your business. You can trust us.

Monthly limit Deliverability Detailed reports Deliver it
Comparative reports Emails sent API Calls Clicks

API Docs

Learn where to get API credentials and begin sending emails via SmartSender. Access comprehensive documentation with in depth-examples, and test API calls from within the documentation.

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Knowledge Base

Here you will get all the information related to transactional emails you may need: Email reputation and Deliverability, Email lists and Trap hits, Building HTML emails and much more.

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Managed Email Marketing Services

Need something more than just sending infrastructure? We are here to help to solve all your sending problems. With our Managed Email Marketing Services you can achieve the best deliverability and as a result your ambitious business goals.

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All features you need for transactional emails

We take care about delivering your messages to users, you take care about your business.

Reliable infrastructure

  • Highly scalable platform
  • Powerful hardware and clean IP addresses
  • Globally distributed infrastructure
  • Powerful API and SMTP integration
  • Simple integration with your favorite language and framework
  • Automative dedicated IP warmup
Peak Sending rates
Test Track Optimize

In-depth analytics

  • Full control over your campaigns.
  • Track every single email without additional coding.
  • Track: Sent, Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Unsubscribes, Complaints and more.
  • Custom tagging & segmentation.
  • Comparative reports.
  • Searchable activity log.
  • White labeling.

Excellent deliverability

  • 99.4%: Avg. deliverability rate among our email clients
  • Automatic sender reputation monitoring
  • Automatic black lists and risk analytics
  • Automatic feedback loop registration
Ideal Solution
Customer Satisfaction

Fanatical support

  • Outstanding support team ready to find solutions for your problems
  • Dedicated deliverability manager
  • Sending practices audit
  • Consultation on reputation improvements
  • We will make sure your email reaches its destination

It is easy to have great transactional email infrastructure without coding

We already designed a powerful and scalable system which can address all your needs related to transactional emails.

Reliable hardware

Reliability is the biggest factor that you should take into consideration. You can’t afford a downtime of even a few minutes. Powerful hardware with terrific uptime record is a mandatory requirement.

Seamless integration

WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Salesforce, Shopify, Heyo and many more to support all of your marketing programs.

Comprehensive analytical tools

Track all events without additional codding: Sent, Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, Complaints, etc.

Globally distributed infrastructure

We have servers around the world, reducing latency and increasing the speed you can send messages to us.

World-class deliverability

We will make sure your emails reach your subscribers on time. Our deliverability experts have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

Business boosting consultations

If they want enduring email marketing results then you need to talk to us. We will help to find value across boundaries, develop insights to act on, and energize teams to sustain the success.

Outstanding support

Technical support needs to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Yes, this includes holidays too, simply because if your email goes down on a holiday, you wouldn’t want to wait until the next Monday to get it fixed.

Simple and competitive pricing

We are sure that you will love SmartSender. That is why we propose FREE 10K email every month. You can measure effectiveness before starting paying.

Our support fanatics

As sending transactional emails isn't a 9 to 5 business, our 24/7 customer service team are always on hand to respond to your queries.



Joseph knows everything about deliverability and much more. He can deliver your email even into a toaster in case if you need that.



Anna-Maria will solve all your business problems. She is a guru of email marketing, content development, strategical planning, branding and reaching right people on right time.



Andrew is ready to solve all your integration problems. Once he managed to get API calls from the customer's lawn mower.

Unbeatable pricing for your app

No hidden fees, just Pay-As-You-Go. Emails get cheaper the more you send.

Monthly pricing calculator

How many emails do you plan to send each month?

Emails Price per thousand Total cost
0 - 10,000 FREE
Next 1,000,000 $0.30
Next 5,000,000 $0.20
Any Additional $0.15
Total cost

Just give a try and you will like it.

  • Simple pricing
  • No abracadabra price calculation models
  • No hidden fees
  • Pay as you send
  • No long-term contracts
  • No commitments
  • Cancel anytime
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Let us know how we can help and we will do our best to solve your problems. You will definetly love our service.

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Phone: +380 95 510 89 51
Address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn,
15551, Estonia
USA Office
Phone: +1 720 757 5632
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Our friendly Support Team is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look forward to hearing from you! We will get back to you in no time.