About Us

Hayk Hayrapetyan, CEO/Founder

It has been seven years since we started SmartSender. Our successes over that course have had a great deal to do with the generosity and wisdom of the startup community, particularly in Europe – countless meetings, meetups, blog posts, backchannels, and a mind boggling number of cups of coffee. Since the very beginning, we’ve been thinking about one particular question – what’s the best way for us to pay it forward, and really help the growing businesses? At SmartSender we’ve always known that the success breeds success. It begets positive press, which begets optimism. It demonstrates to people that success is possible, and shows them a way to achieve it. The greatest impact on the growing business ecosystem is helping companies that have already demonstrated commitment and traction. This is what we do here.

Susanna Hayrapetyan, CMO

Every year marketers research on the new trends predicted to make marketing initiatives more powerful: new technologies and advancements; changing consumer attitudes and demands. The efforts are by no means worth it, because the automation of Retention Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach out to people, get noticed, and make people take desired actions. SmartSender was built by marketing people for marketing people. We created the tools, which we were looking for and could never find. Our own beginnings as a digital startup helped us to identify the needs of growing businesses: marketers need tools that can efficiently scale as they mature.

Kir Chernenko, Chief Software Engineer

SmartSender was a very ambitious project, aimed to cover not only the marketing needs of small and medium business, but also satisfy big corporations with multimillion sending volumes and sensitive databases. That is why the platform was developed with the main goal in mind: military level database security. Data protection is one of our top advantages and we are mastering it on a daily basis.

Gayane Arsenyan, CFO

We created SmartSender as an alternative to serve small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with all the necessary features, support, and pricing they need to grow and to stay on their customers’ radar 24/7. Loyal customers are excellent generators of revenue and profit because they spend more than casual customers, they refer their friends to your product, and they cost less than finding new users. Whether you need to manage email campaigns, send text messages and/or push notifications, or save time with automation, we can help you do it efficiently, on-budget.

Why Us?

Easy and Fast Integration

Integration of multifunctional businesses with sending platforms has traditionally been difficult and time-consuming. Point-to-point coding and on-premise middleware are costly, complex and lack flexibility for fast-changing business needs. 

  • At SmartSender the integration is simplified to a beginner level. It takes a couple of clicks to effortlessly get onboarded.
  • Our customer integration team is working individually with each and every new client helping them with the integration and further platform exploiting processes.  
  • You may request a real-time demo at your earliest convenience. Ask questions, see how it works, try it yourself.
  • You may also request one-on-one training for your marketing team to explore all the expertise level features and opportunities provided by the platform.
  • Our step-by-step account setup guidebook will walk you through all the setup processes. You will be able to send from the very first day of switching to SmartSneder!

Real-Time Customer Support

Forget about submitting tickets and waiting for days and even weeks to have your problems solved. For high volume sending businesses such delays may cause serious financial losses.

At SmartSender all your problems are resolved immediately. Our customer success team is available 24/7. Chat, email, call us right away.

Military Level Database Protection

At SmartSender, we work with companies which own high volume databases (starting from 50K to over 1KK contacts) and data security questions are always on the table during negotiations. 

We are GDPR and California Data Protection Act compliant.
Moreover our internal security tools and role based permissions allow you to limit any unauthorized access to your database even for your personnel (you can’t find this in any other sending platform). 
See several links to our legal and security provisions:







Invaluable Features & Easy-to-Use Interface

SmartSender is your all-in-one retention marketing automation platform, which turns the communication with your customer into revenue.

  • Email Marketing
  • Transactional emails
  • SMS Marketing
  • Transactional SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Marketing
  • Automation
  • Role Based Access to Sensitive Data
  • Certified GDPR-Compliant
  • Email client testing
  • Advanced statistics