IP Warm up vs Email Blasting. Some Tips to Rethink Your Email Marketing Strategy

IP Warm up vs Email Blasting. Some Tips to Rethink Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Many beginner email marketers have ended up ruining their sending reputation and getting a blocked IP address right after their first email campaign. Why is that so?

Starting an email marketing campaign requires certain steps to be completed before knocking the door of your recipient’s inbox. A dedicated IP address, allocated for certain Email Marketing needs, combined with well- thought-out strategy, is the smartest way to start it. But this is not enough.

SmartSender Email Marketers strongly suggest:

1. Never start an email blast on a new dedicated IP address.  First you need to warm it up. Warm your IP even if you haven’t sent on it for more than 30 days.

IP warming is the process of gradually increasing the volume of email sent with a dedicated IP address according to a predetermined schedule. Warm up helps you to build a reputation with Internet Service Providers as a legitimate email sender.

2. Clean up your email list before sending. Any list you haven’t built with the permission marketing tactics will jeopardize your email sending ability in general.

3. Personalize your list with proper segmentation 
Email Marketing segmentation allows you to send more personalized mail, which will better resonate with certain target groups.
SmartSender offers an entire arsenal of tools to efficiently segment your messages to recipients based on their age, gender, behavior on your website, etc.

Keep in mind: you are not blasting your recipients with emails. You provide valuable content, which will help them to better interact with your brand and eventually consume.