Landing Pages. Effective Solution to Maximize Conversions

Landing Pages. Effective Solution to Maximize Conversions

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When your customers receive an email with a promotion, linked to your website, where they can not find a call-to action or directions to help them find what they need, it means your Promotional Email Campaign was worthless. Instead, link your campaign to a landing page, a specific page dedicated to an event or promotion.

What is a Landing Page? An easy and effective one-click solution to guide your customer to the right place. The best landing page is the one that takes you exactly where it promised. It should be:

  • Relevant. Landing pages should be specific to your goal. If you promise a discount in your Email Campaign, your potential customers should see that discount in the landing page, otherwise they get discouraged and leave without converting.

  • Simple. These landing pages may be more impacting and converting, than too creative and captivating ones. A simple design, clear call to action, telling the customer what action they need to take, that’s all you need.
  • Short. Everyone prefers quick results, so do not fill the whole page with long paragraphs, long sign-up forms or long explanatory videos. A concise landing page is always the winner.
  • Clear. Match the expectations of your audience with a dedicated landing page. If your campaign contains a “Sign Up” CTA button, it should lead to the sign-up landing page.

Tip: Avoid including more that one call to action. Invest time and effort to create separate landing pages for separate calls to actions.