Tags. A Life-Changing Term in Reporting Customization

Tags. A Life-Changing Term in Reporting Customization

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In the early 2000-s marketing automation started applying tags as a way to organize/segment and categorize contacts. Of course, tags evolved since their early days. Now at SmartSender you can label any message with custom tags and get custom reports without wasting your engineers’ time!
Bring your own reporting structure into the Platform and generate aggregated reports based on your own criteria.

You can use different features of SmartSender to tag your messages:

  • Tag template. If you use the same email template for different campaigns, tagging will help you track and review their performance in separate campaigns.
  • Tag contact list. Tagging your contact list gives you the power to send more targeted and personal emails.
  • Tag segment. Rather than sending the same marketing messages to all of your contacts, you can send your audience more relevant content by segmenting your contacts and tagging those segments for further analyses.
  • Tag campaign. Email campaigns are a cost-effective way of attracting quality return visitors to your site. Thus, it’s important that you tag your email campaigns with campaign tags so that you can track how well each email performs.
  • Tag split test. The more you split test, the more information you’ll have at hand for your future emails.You can create up to three tags for every split test and then easily find and compare them.
  • Tag automation. Adding tags to your automatic email campaigns lets you optimize your efforts and track your scenario performance.

Beginner marketers sometimes have no idea what they are really doing when they first start automating and, as a rule, end up with arbitrary tags all over the place. At SmartSender we recommend that you do not go tag crazy. If you create tags for every single piece of information, your data will become too noisy. Assigning hundreds of tags to your contact list, you defeat the vital purpose of tags, which is to quickly tell an important story.