The Startup Booster Program has already launched!

The Startup Booster Program has already launched!

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Eligible startups get advanced SmartSender features for FREE for six months

and 50% off for all our paid package plans for the next six months.

It’s been seven years since we started SmartSender.  Our successes over that course have had a great deal to do with the generosity and wisdom of the startup community, particularly in Europe– countless meetings, meetups, blog posts, backchannels, and a mind boggling number of cups of coffee.  Since the very beginning, we’ve been thinking about one particular question – what’s the best way for us to pay it forward, and really help the startup community?

At SmartSender we’ve always known that the greatest way to help startups is by building a great startup.  Success breeds success, injecting talent and cash into the ecosystem. It begets positive press, which begets optimism.  It demonstrates to people that success is possible, and shows them a way to achieve it.

The greatest impact on the startup ecosystem is helping companies that have already demonstrated commitment and traction.  If someone’s working a day job and wants advice “about startups”, that conversation is less likely to result in a successful company. 

Here we came up with the Startup Booster Program, which is designed to help companies that help themselves:

We allow startups and entrepreneurs to enjoy 6 months of FREE access to our Enterprise Package Plan and boost their projects by Advanced Omni-Channel Retention Marketing tools.

Moreover the qualified startups will be able to enjoy another six months of 50% off for all our paid plans without any commitment whatsoever. 

It is the best time to grow your early-stage startup with the powerful EMAIL | SMS | PUSH Marketing Automation Platform!

Startup Booster beneficiaries will have the opportunity to: 

  • Send over 100 000 free monthly Emails and Web Push Notifications;
  • Add unlimited contacts and automations;
  • Take advantage of in-depth analytics;
  • Get professional consultation and mentorship;
  • Increase ROI by building complex layered communication with your own customers;
  • Make your Retention Marketing more effective with the industry-leading deliverability tools through our platform! 

In addition you get:

  • Powerful template builder for responsive, mobile optimized HTML templates;
  • Easy & fast technical integration;
  • Sender reputation audit & consulting;
  • Email marketing analysis and business intelligence tools;
  • Campaign performance based on real time data;
  • Unmatched support team – we will take care of you regardless you send 100 or 100 mln. emails;
  • Dynamic content generator and audience segmentation tools;
  • Secure infrastructure;
  • Smart & easy-to-use interface.

To apply for Startup Booster Program, you need to follow these several steps:

  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Schedule a call with the SmartSender program manager to tell us more about your Startup and find out more about our Platform.
  • Create your SmartSender account.
  • Request account activation.
  • Create your first great drip campaigns.
  • Boost up your ROI.
  • No commitment is required. You can cancel your account whenever you wish.

Eligibility Requirements
✔ Early-stage startup status
✔ Startup status
New customer
✔ Currently not a SmartSender customer