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Your all-in-one omnichannel user engagement and customer retention platform that considerably improves customer lifetime value. Small business-flexible. Enterprise-scalable.

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One of a Kind Customer Engagement Platform Built for Retention

Build strong customer engagement that converts by sending cross-channel messages based on user behavior.

Behavioral Analytics

Go beyond general analytics. Track your users’ behavior throughout multiple channels  to understand their needs and engage them in real time.

Real Impact

Tie marketing dollars spent to dollars earned and align marketing efforts to larger business goals.

Behavior Segments

You can group users based on complex combinations of user actions, inactions, and user properties.

Rich User Profiles

Get a comprehensive, real-time view of any user with data aggregated from all touchpoints.

Retention Cohorts

Compare how different user groups behave over time in onboarding, registration, purchasing, and engaging.

Cross-Channel Messaging

Engage customers with automated drip campaigns wherever they are: Mobile, Web, Email and SMS.

Email Deliverability

Monitor the health of your domain and IP reputation with email deliverability reports. Get on demand expert assistance.

Email Editor

Build visually stunning, mobile-responsive emails with our intuitive email editor.

Dynamic Content

Reach Customers with Individualized Content and create customized user experiences based on individual behaviors and preferences.

Multivariate Testing

Create awesome experiences for different user segments with a complete set of tools for design, testing, and comparative analysis — all without coding.

Engagement Automation Across Multiple Channels

Stand out from the crowd by engaging customers on the right channels with automated messaging campaigns.

Onboarding Campaigns

Hook new users early on with campaigns that encourage regular use.

Engagement Campaigns

Resurrect inactive users by sending different types of engagement messages.

Driving Conversions

Send automated reminders to users who don’t complete an order.

Customer Retention

Alert users when there’s something new to announce or promote.

Built for Scalability and Reliability


Messages monthly delivered to users across all channels.


API requests per day, peaking at 5,000 requests a second.


Uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. 


Real-time user behavioral triggers activated daily.

Feedback from our customers

Michael Dowdy
Michael Dowdy@mMichDowdy
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“Been an @Smart_Sender user for about 9 months now…These guys just don’t stop over delivering. Not only do they provide the software but also stand next to us for 24/7. Any question- the answer comes right away. Keep it going, guys!”
Claudia Rankine
Claudia Rankine@rankine_claudia
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“@Smart_Sender is by far the best email marketing company I’ve ever worked with. 200% customer support. #100% recommended”
David Roberts
David Roberts@robs_david
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“Never thought this could work so well with our patients. Now when everyone receives timely appointment reminders, online scheduling and other notifications… all the credit goes to you, @Smart_Sender staff. The customer support is way more than professionals.”
Aditya Khosla
Aditya Khosla@aditya_khos
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“We’ve joined @Smart_Sender only a few months ago, but can already give five stars to these guys! Their email marketing expertise in healthcare industry is impressing. Looking forward to launching the push notifications shortly)”
Alice Cussler
Alice Cussler@Alice_Cussler
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“Great customer support! With every call I feel like we are getting a free training or something like that. I love when professionals @Smart_Sender try to share their knowledge instead of keeping the magic happening behind the curtains.”
Barbara Bouwer
Barbara Bouwer @Bouwer_Barbara
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“The staff is amazing, the service is great and the price… far more than affordable as compared to what I was offered anywhere else. Strongly #Recommending!”
Michael Bold
Michael Bold@BoldMich
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“First I felt pretty skeptical about dealing with a platform oversees, but the recommendations I got from a number of friends/colleagues convinced my to try @Smart_Sender and guess what, now our customer onboarding automation crushes all the expected numbers!”
Skroch Oliver
Skroch Oliver@Skroch0
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"@Smart_Sender team automated our patient welcoming and onboarding process, and I must admit, it was the best thing ever happened to us. They freed up so much time for us to focus on our patients’ care rather than answering all emails manually at the end of the day."
Arlene C. Booker
Arlene C. Booker@ArleneCBook
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“I am literally in love with the customer support and our marketing manager. These people do know what they are doing. Started with Email marketing 8 months ago and Just finished our sms communication automation, can’t wait to try it out.”

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