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Hey there! Hello! It’s nice to have you around! You’re about to change your life.

There are tons of ways to greet your customer in your base. But picking a genuine and friendly tone in your text is crucial. Why is that so important? You may ask. For one thing, it’s a known fact that 74,4 % of customers will expect a welcome message from your company once they subscribe or provide their email addresses. Just like they expect that salesperson will greet them in a brick-and-mortar store.

Welcome emails aren’t only a matter of being polite. They can significantly boost the effectiveness of your upcoming communication. Do you want to know why you should add welcome messages to your marketing arsenal? Here are the main motives behind it:

  • Welcome messages achieve 86% higher OR and 196% higher CTR compared to traditional emails (Social Mouths)
  • It makes a great first impression to start a relationship on the right foot
  • Ensures that customers won’t forget to subscribe (reducing opt-outs)
  • Secures an initial basic customer segmentation (e.g., by asking them in the email to choose a type of offer they want to be based on gender or type of product)

To create profitable welcome messages, you should:

  • Tell your customers what sorts of messages you will send
  • Personalize your text deeply (do not make it general)
  • Thank your recipient
  • Include one direct CTA to encourage an audience to act
  • Use a discount code to promote the next purchase intention

 Add a personal touch to show the novelty of your brand