Send email confirmation after creating a gaming account

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Varduhi Tananyan





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Because of its importance to culture, entertainment, and technological advancement, the gaming industry is one of the most exciting industries in technology. Gaming apps and websites have been more and more utilized to engage consumers. And it is an important point to send a confirmation email after the users get registered.

Confirmation emails are the first official communication a company has with a customer after they have registered. It’s a transactional and automated email that gives the customer peace of mind assuring them that their registration has been done successfully. But this is not the only reason for sending a confirmation email. This kind of email is typically used to perform a double opt-in, which means the included link in the email confirms the subscription.

You can do this process easily by importing this workflow. 

The starting point of the workflow is the event trigger. The event will be triggered when the contact fills out the signup form on your website. After that, the email template will be sent. It will thank your contacts for their registration and also will ask them to confirm their emails.