Get new Retain your Return your patients

Get more new appointments and retain your patients by automating your front desk and communication channels: EMAIL, SMS, PUSH 

Increase the Number of New Patients for over 400%

Running a busy healthcare practice (and running it well) takes up an enormous amount of time.

Let us take care of your marketing needs while you are doing what you do the best – treat patients. In the result you get:

  • Increased number of new patients,
  • Increased number of scheduled appointments,
  • Extra free time to focus on current patients and improve patient care quality.

Free up your front desk from manual repetitive work.

Your employees are trying catch up with every email, every call, appointment, every reminder, every followup…? Our automation solutions will help you: 

  • Automatically on-board your new patients,
  • Automate your appointment scheduling and reminder processes,
  • Retain existing patients via promotional email, sms and web push notifications,
  • Free up your employees from manually confirming appointments, sending reminders, scheduling followup appointments, etc.

Turn your website visitors into long-term customers.

Getting traffic to your site is only half the battle. You want qualified leads that turn into patients.

Statistically 85% of your website first-time visitors are not ready to start business with you right away. It doesn’t however mean that they are not good clients for you. Probably they are just researching or price-shopping.
By gradually warming up your leads via automated hyper personalized messages and promotional campaigns you can turn them from one-time visitors to new patients and eventually to your loyal brand ambassadors.

Value each client with immediate attention and prompt response.

Whether your potential client requested an appointment online or called to request a quote, he/she will not wait long for a response. 

Automated workflows will make your every patient feel important and appreciated:

  • No more dropped off phone calls

  • No more missed appointments

  • No more lost potential patients.


385% increase in new patients with automated drip campaigns

Endorsed by: Dr Balan Iulian Plastic surgeon at Medpark International

215% increase in returning patients

Endorsed by: Dr Andrey Smolnikov Reconstructive Facial Surgeon at GRACE Medical Club

780% return on investment

Endorsed by: Dr Oleh Kopiievskyi Plastic Surgeon at Romital Laser Aesthetic Center

408% increase in new appointments

Endorsed by: Dr Sarah Usmar Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Wellington Plastic Surgery Institute

180% increase in returning patients

Endorsed by: Zbyněk Matějka MD Dentist at Asklepion Institute

Useful Content

Feedback from our customers

Michael Dowdy
Michael Dowdy@mMichDowdy
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“Been an @Smart_Sender user for about 9 months now…These guys just don’t stop over delivering. Not only do they provide the software but also stand next to us for 24/7. Any question- the answer comes right away. Keep it going, guys!”
Claudia Rankine
Claudia Rankine@rankine_claudia
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“@Smart_Sender is by far the best email marketing company I’ve ever worked with. 200% customer support. #100% recommended”
David Roberts
David Roberts@robs_david
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“Never thought this could work so well with our patients. Now when everyone receives timely appointment reminders, online scheduling and other notifications… all the credit goes to you, @Smart_Sender staff. The customer support is way more than professionals.”
Aditya Khosla
Aditya Khosla@aditya_khos
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“We’ve joined @Smart_Sender only a few months ago, but can already give five stars to these guys! Their email marketing expertise in healthcare industry is impressing. Looking forward to launching the push notifications shortly)”
Alice Cussler
Alice Cussler@Alice_Cussler
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“Great customer support! With every call I feel like we are getting a free training or something like that. I love when professionals @Smart_Sender try to share their knowledge instead of keeping the magic happening behind the curtains.”
Barbara Bouwer
Barbara Bouwer @Bouwer_Barbara
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“The staff is amazing, the service is great and the price… far more than affordable as compared to what I was offered anywhere else. Strongly #Recommending!”
Michael Bold
Michael Bold@BoldMich
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“First I felt pretty skeptical about dealing with a platform oversees, but the recommendations I got from a number of friends/colleagues convinced my to try @Smart_Sender and guess what, now our customer onboarding automation crushes all the expected numbers!”
Skroch Oliver
Skroch Oliver@Skroch0
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"@Smart_Sender team automated our patient welcoming and onboarding process, and I must admit, it was the best thing ever happened to us. They freed up so much time for us to focus on our patients’ care rather than answering all emails manually at the end of the day."
Arlene C. Booker
Arlene C. Booker@ArleneCBook
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“I am literally in love with the customer support and our marketing manager. These people do know what they are doing. Started with Email marketing 8 months ago and Just finished our sms communication automation, can’t wait to try it out.”

Start from small and upgrade if needed


$ 0
00 / MO
  • 1,500 Emails/mo
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Automations
  • Powerful API
  • SMTP Relay
  • Email support


$ 79
99 / MO
  • All from Free Plan +
  • 50,000 Emails/mo
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Automations
  • SMS Pay-as-you-go
  • 3 Users
  • Email support


$ 199
99 / MO
  • All from Basic Plan +
  • 100,000 Emails/mo
  • 10,000 Push/mo
  • Chat support
  • 10 Users
  • 5 Sub-accounts
  • One-on-one trainings


$ 499
99 / MO
  • All from Pro Plan +
  • 500,000 emails/mo
  • 50,000 Push/mo
  • Phone support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Subaccount
  • Deliverability support

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