SmartSender vs. Mailchimp for Automated Email Marketing

If you are not planning to scale up and increase your sending volumes, Mailchimp will work just fine.
If you are aiming to grow fast and looking for a scalable and affordable platform, switch to SmartSender and enjoy an average increase of 52% in total revenue.

Mailchimp is for sending email.

SmartSender is for increasing your ROI.

SmartSender makes you real money by retaining your customers and engaging your users.

It is built from the ground up for any online platform/service/software which wants to increase the Revenue by automating customer retention & user engagement. 

✔ We have more powerful analytical tools to analyze more data across multiple channels. 

✔ We provide automation tools which are easy to use and customize. 

✔ Our data is real-time. 

✔ Our content is dynamic. 

No Hidden Costs

Unlike other marketing tech solutions, we at SmartSender believe in a straightforward, all-inclusive, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Many clients believe that Mailchimp is more cost efficient, and on the surface it may appear that way, but once you dig a little bit deeper and look at the Total Cost of Ownership, the picture changes dramatically.

As an example, let’s take a startup that has 10,000 contacts. On SmartSender the cost would be $79.99/mo and on Mailchimp it would be $74.99/mo. Now that we’ve set our starting point, let’s have a closer look at the Total Cost of Ownership:

When the number of your contacts start to grow, your monthly payment on Mailchimp will increase for up to $399+/mo, whereas with SmartSender you are able to add unlimited number of contacts from day one.

Ready to start growing your business?

More Powerful Segmentation

SmartSender’s segmentation tools help you connect with your customers on a hyper-personalized level, bringing more conversions for your business. 

✔ At SmartSender, segments update automatically in real-time – no need to manually maintain lists.

✔ We use website activity to build behavior-based email segments

✔ We target flows based on special events and conditions, like a purchase or subscribing to a list.

Hassle-free Enterprise Level Automation

Want to trigger automated emails, SMS, or Web Push Notification based on custom events? Not a problem.

✔ Lay out your customer journey end-to-end with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

✔ Test and optimize automated emails – whether it’s experimenting with different content, subject lines, or timing of emails in a series.

✔ We use real-time data to trigger email automation.

✔ From open rates to performance comparison, our real-time reporting is integrated directly into each flow canvas. 

Cross-Channel Customer Engagement

Unlike Mailchimp, SmartSender is not just an email marketing platform. Here you can communicate with your customers on any channel—email, SMS, web, messengers.

Use SmartSender’s powerful segmentation to personalize the message throughout multiple channels.

Designed for customer retention. Not list management.

SmartSender gives you a single view of your customers across multiple channels.

Better customer insights and less time spent organizing lists.

Watch the video to learn how Mark saved his startup from falling apart simply by switching to SmartSender.

Hear it straight from other customers

Michael Dowdy
Michael Dowdy@mMichDowdy
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“Been an @Smart_Sender user for about 9 months now…These guys just don’t stop over delivering. Not only do they provide the software but also stand next to us for 24/7. Any question- the answer comes right away. Keep it going, guys!”
Claudia Rankine
Claudia Rankine@rankine_claudia
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“@Smart_Sender is by far the best email marketing company I’ve ever worked with. 200% customer support. #100% recommended”
David Roberts
David Roberts@robs_david
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“Never thought this could work so well with our patients. Now when everyone receives timely appointment reminders, online scheduling and other notifications… all the credit goes to you, @Smart_Sender staff. The customer support is way more than professionals.”
Aditya Khosla
Aditya Khosla@aditya_khos
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“We’ve joined @Smart_Sender only a few months ago, but can already give five stars to these guys! Their email marketing expertise in healthcare industry is impressing. Looking forward to launching the push notifications shortly)”
Alice Cussler
Alice Cussler@Alice_Cussler
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“Great customer support! With every call I feel like we are getting a free training or something like that. I love when professionals @Smart_Sender try to share their knowledge instead of keeping the magic happening behind the curtains.”
Barbara Bouwer
Barbara Bouwer @Bouwer_Barbara
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“The staff is amazing, the service is great and the price… far more than affordable as compared to what I was offered anywhere else. Strongly #Recommending!”
Michael Bold
Michael Bold@BoldMich
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“First I felt pretty skeptical about dealing with a platform oversees, but the recommendations I got from a number of friends/colleagues convinced my to try @Smart_Sender and guess what, now our customer onboarding automation crushes all the expected numbers!”
Skroch Oliver
Skroch Oliver@Skroch0
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"@Smart_Sender team automated our patient welcoming and onboarding process, and I must admit, it was the best thing ever happened to us. They freed up so much time for us to focus on our patients’ care rather than answering all emails manually at the end of the day."
Arlene C. Booker
Arlene C. Booker@ArleneCBook
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“I am literally in love with the customer support and our marketing manager. These people do know what they are doing. Started with Email marketing 8 months ago and Just finished our sms communication automation, can’t wait to try it out.”

Segment users based on complex combinations of user actions, inactions, underactions and other behavioural models.

Get a comprehensive, real-time view of any user with data aggregated from all touchpoints.

  • GDPR Complaint
  • CCPA Complaint 
  • Internal Security Tools and Role-Based Permissions

Compare how different user groups behave over time in onboarding, registration, purchasing, and engaging.

Monitor the health of your domain and IP reputation with email deliverability reports. Get on demand expert assistance.

Build visually stunning, mobile-responsive email templates with our easy-to-use email editor.

Reach customers with personalised content and create customized user experiences based on individual behaviors and preferences.

Create great experiences for different user segments with a complete set of tools for design, testing, and comparative analysis — all without coding.

Hook new users early on with campaigns that encourage regular use.

Resurrect inactive users by sending different types of engagement messages.

Send automated reminders to users who don’t complete an order.

Alert users when there’s something new to announce or promote.