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SmartSender vs. SendGrid for Marketing Automation

Best for

SmartSender is for increasing your ROI.

We serve any businesses with a customer base to retain their mobile and desktop users by leveraging real-time analytics and individualized cross-channel marketing automation at scale.

Best for

SendGrid is for sending email.

Anyone who needs to reliably send email from their application can use SendGrid.


✓ Powerful Analytical Tools
✓ Retention Cohorts
✓ Performance Based Reporting
✓ Deliverability Monitoring
✓ Easy-to-reach customer support
✓ Event Triggered Email

✓ Event triggered SMS

✓ Triggered Push Notification
✓ Rich User Profiles
✓ Responsive Email/SMS/Push Templates

Drag-and-drop Editor

✓ Device Crossovers
✓ Smart Campaigns
✓ Dynamic Content
✓ Triggered and Scheduled Campaigns
✓ Hyper Personalization
✓ SMS Campaigns
✓ Push Notifications
✓ A/B Testing
✓ Powerful User Segmentation
✓ Server APIs
✓ Webhooks

✓ White Labeling

✓ GDPR and CCDP compliance

Role-Based Data Access Permission


✓A/B Testing
✓ Auto-Responders
✓ CAN SPAM Compliance
Drip Campaigns
Dynamic Content
Event Triggered Email
Image Library
Mobile Optimized Emails
Subscriber Management
Template Management
WYSIWYG Email Editor

Overview of Benefits 

Provides advanced cross-channel marketing automation tools for companies that have outgrown the generic email sending platforms.

Create unlimited drip
campaigns based on your sales funnel and your customer’s predicted behavior.

Automate your workflow,
triggered by customer actions,
such as a purchase or download, signup or stop on a certain step of the funnel.

40%See how the users interact with your product and engage them in the campaigns based on click and open data.
• Keep track of your business’s retention rates to evaluate your overall performance.
• Define engagement metrics for your business, like daily active users and retention, and make them available for self-serve analysis.

Track: Sent, Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Unsubscribes, Complaints and more.

Custom tagging & segmentation
• Aggregated reports to cover all your Business Analytics needs
• Searchable activity log
• Full White labeling

Going to SPAM is one of the many pain points faced by online businesses. It is important to understand the reason behind this and provide better user experiences. SmartSender does just this by providing express or detailed deliverability audit to bring out the main issues, mistakes and shortcomings and suggesting fast and efficient solutions and further 24.7 monitoring of your campaigns. 

We offer military-grade data security and the highest level of protection of every single contact from our multi million client base.

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Internal Security Tools and Role-Based
  • California Data Protection Act Compliant.

Leverage advanced user behavioral insights to segment users so you can deliver timely personalized user engagement experiences to prospects and customers. Personalization has helped increase click-throughs for a number of marketing campaigns designed by our customers. Our customers increase their customer engagement by 10%-200% by sending personalized offers on the category of product their users viewed and the time of the day the segment was most active on the website via SmartSender’s push notifications.

Our web-tracking system uses browsing behavior and helps target people who meet specific criteria e.g. female customers who watched your hip shaping fitness exercises four times during a week. This means virtually unlimited targeting opportunities, thanks to the variety of available options. SmartSender makes it easier for marketers to use existing segments to create upselling and cross-selling campaigns which actually convert. The ROI-based reporting relies on actual transactions and allows marketers to clearly see performance of their marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

✔ Dedicated Customer Success Manager
✔ Dedicated deliverability manager
✔ Outstanding technical support
✔ Sending practices Express and Full Audit
✔ Reputation management and AntiSpam Solutions
✔ Knowledge base and help center

Overview of Benefits

Serves everyone from independent developers to enterprise level corporations. Anyone who needs to reliably send email from their application can use SendGrid.

Twilio SendGrid is a leader in email communications. Their cloud-based email delivery platform helps marketers and developers send bulk email. They are trusted by many big and small, to drive engagement and growth through their email program. They offer straightforward segmentation, flexible and frustration-free campaign editing and actionable analytics.

1. Have AB Testing enable. 2. Manage unsubscribe emails. 3. Easy to Integrate via API or SMTP. 4. Email Reputation indicator. 5.Full detailed report. You can see if the email it’s blocked, bounced or delivered. 6. Have a Forever Free plan . (40.000 Emails in the trial period, then 100 Emails Daily forever).

Pricing Comparison Chart


Number of Contacts

Number of Sends/mo













Pay as you go


Over 500,000





Number of Contacts

Number of Sends/mo









(+$10 for each additional 10 000 contacts)


Custom price

Request a quote

Request a quote


Segment users based on complex combinations of user actions, inactions, underactions and other behavioural models.

Get a comprehensive, real-time view of any user with data aggregated from all touchpoints.

  • GDPR Complaint
  • CCPA Complaint 
  • Internal Security Tools and Role-Based Permissions

Compare how different user groups behave over time in onboarding, registration, purchasing, and engaging.

Monitor the health of your domain and IP reputation with email deliverability reports. Get on demand expert assistance.

Build visually stunning, mobile-responsive email templates with our easy-to-use email editor.

Reach customers with personalised content and create customized user experiences based on individual behaviors and preferences.

Create great experiences for different user segments with a complete set of tools for design, testing, and comparative analysis — all without coding.

Hook new users early on with campaigns that encourage regular use.

Resurrect inactive users by sending different types of engagement messages.

Send automated reminders to users who don’t complete an order.

Alert users when there’s something new to announce or promote.

SmartSender is Built for Scalability and Reliability


Messages monthly delivered to users across all channels.


API requests per day, peaking at 5,000 requests a second.


Uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. 


Real-time user behavioral triggers activated daily.

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