Google and Yahoo New Email Sender Requirements 2024

Google and Yahoo New Email Sender Requirements 2024

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Starting in February 2024, Google and Yahoo will require bulk senders to authenticate their emails, allow easy unsubscription, and stay under a reported spam threshold.

Why it’s important

Many mass email senders don’t set up their systems properly yet, making it easy for attackers to hide. To address this issue, Google and Yahoo are concentrating on an essential part of email security: confirming that the person or company sending the email is who they say they are. Despite how simple it might seem, it can be challenging to figure out the real sender of an email due to outdated and inconsistent systems on the internet.

Google Email Sender Requirements

Starting February 1, 2024, senders who send more than 5,000 messages per day to Gmail accounts must meet the requirements below.

  • Set up SPF and DKIM email authentication for your domain.
  • Ensure that sending domains or IPs have valid forward and reverse DNS records, also called PTR records.
  • Keep spam rates reported in Postmaster Tools below 0.10% and avoid ever reaching a spam rate of 0.30% or higher.
  • Don’t impersonate Gmail From: headers. Gmail will begin using a DMARC quarantine enforcement policy, and impersonating Gmail From: headers might impact your email delivery.
  • Set up DMARC email authentication for your sending domain. Your DMARC enforcement policy can be set to none. Learn more
  • For direct mail, the domain in the sender’s From: header must be aligned with either the SPF domain or the DKIM domain.
  • Marketing messages and subscribed messages must support one-click unsubscription and include a clearly visible unsubscribe link in the message body.

You can find all Google requirements in the Google Email Sender Guidelines.

Yahoo Email Sender Requirements

One of Yahoo’s main goals is to ensure people get the emails they want and filter out the ones they don’t. To guarantee your messages get through, sending timely and relevant emails to an active and interested audience is essential.

Requirements for Bulk Senders:

  • Authenticate your mail
    • Implement both SPF & DKIM
    • Publish a valid DMARC policy with at least p=none – DMARC must pass.
  • Support easy unsubscribe
    • Implement a functioning list-unsubscribe header, which supports one-click unsubscribe for marketing and subscribed messages
    • Have a clearly visible unsubscribe link in the email body – this may direct to a preference page.
    • Honor unsubscribes within 2 days.
  • Keep spam complaint rates low
    • Keep your spam rate below 0.3%
  • Have a valid forward and reverse DNS record for your sending IPs

You can check all Yahoo requirements in the Sender Requirements & Recommendations.

What do I need to do with email authentication?

We see that Google and Yahoo put forward similar requirements for all email senders.

If you are a client, you have nothing to worry about. You don’t need to do anything. All clients have the highest authentication and protection level from the first sending day.

If you are not a client, you can contact our team. We will be happy to help you send your newsletters safely and without unnecessary hassle.

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